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Energy Efficiency

Are you Energy Efficient?

The Law has changed

Is your boiler 10-15 years old or even older? Then chances are your boiler is not energy efficient. By replacing your boiler with a high efficiency condensing boiler you will save around a THIRD on your heating bills straight away. High efficiency condensing boilers convert more than 88% of their fuel into heat. In addition to this, if you install the correct heating controls, you could save up to 40% on your fuel bill – about 150-180 off the average bill.

By law, from 1st April 2005 onwards, most new gas boilers fitted in England and Wales must be high efficiency condensing boilers (with a few exceptions depending on suitability).

If everyone in the UK installed a high efficiency boiler, we would save enough money to pay the entire annual fuel and power bills of almost two million households (source, Energy Saving Trust).


Home Improvements

If you are thinking of having any home improvements done, such as a kitchen or a bathroom, why not minimise cost and disruption by installing a new high efficiency condensing boiler. They can be easily fitted to most new and old heating systems.


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